About Us

Welcome to SECOLINO®!

Our story begins many years ago when we started looking for a solution that would effectively address the everyday problem of moisture in shoes and unpleasant foot odor. With the aim of enabling the complete removal of this moisture, SECOLINO® absorption technology was born in 2006. Years of research, development and testing ultimately led to the creation of the uniquely effective and patented 3-layer technology of SECOLINO®.

Compared to conventional shoes and insoles, SECOLINO® products offer numerous advantages. The unique absorption technology removes up to 100% of moisture and effectively neutralizes odors thanks to its antibacterial effect. This means that your shoes not only stay dry, but also free of unpleasant odors - even during long working days or intensive sporting activities.

Our uniquely effective 3-layer technology is not only used on our innovative insoles, but also in our latest product: the SECOLINO® MOD 500 occupational shoe in accordance with DIN 20347. These specially developed shoes with integrated SECOLINO® insole offer an incomparable combination of comfort, performance and functionality. We combine these properties with a modern design that makes it versatile and suits every style and outfit.

The included unique 3-layer technology ensures that your shoes stay dry and odor-free all day long - ideal for long working days and intensive activities.

The SECOLINO® sneaker was designed for a diverse group of people who have to stand for long periods or walk a lot. From professionals in various industries such as hotels, restaurants and catering , building cleaning, hairdressers, healthcare, retail, aviation, public services and services of any kind without a safety shoe requirement - they all appreciate the improved shoe climate and the all-day comfort that the shoe offers to perfectly master everyday life without sacrificing style.

But the SECOLINO® sneaker is also the ideal choice for those who spend their free time actively or like to travel. Whether hiking, sightseeing or simply relaxing - the unique absorption technology ensures fresh and comfortable feet, enabling a carefree experience on every adventure.

Ready to experience the difference? Discover the products of the SECOLINO® brand and experience a new wearing experience!