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with up to 100% dry feet

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Available in sizes 36-47

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  • Retail/Sales

  • Air traffic

  • cleaning

  • gastronomy

  • logistics

  • Commercial area

  • Laboratories

  • Healthcare

  • hairdressers

  • Leisure time

  • Areas where safety shoes are not required

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Whether at work or in your free time: Go through the day with safety and comfort!

The SECOLINO® | MOD 500 shoe was created for people like you. People who have extremely high physical strain on their feet every day due to standing for long periods of time or walking long distances.

Your safety and well-being are extremely important to achieving your private and professional goals. Comfortable and safe footwear is included for a carefree day
essential. Thanks to the special structure of the outsole, the SECOLINO® | MOD 500 shoe for qualified support, with maximum slip resistance.

Do you work in retail, air traffic, logistics or cleaning? Then this shoe is just right for you!

Are you in the catering industry, in healthcare or as a globetrotter? Move on clouds and experience exceptional comfort with this shoe!

Feel comfortable and go your own way. The SECOLINO® | MOD 500 shoe will accompany you with healthy and up to 100% dry feet .

  • Light

  • Comfortable

  • Energy absorption capacity in the heel area

  • Anti-slip

  • Metal-free

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Maximum slip resistance

Due to the special structure of the outsole

No matter whether as a safety officer, managing director or as a company doctor

Play it safe for the health and safety of your employees!

The SECOLINO® | MOD 500 shoes were specially developed to ensure the health and safety of your employees, as well as adequate risk assessment, in the workplace. The SECOLINO® | MOD 500 shoe made more sure-footed.

The shoe contains slip resistance of the highest slip resistance class SR. The SECOLINO® | also meets the minimum requirement in many areas of activity that the shoe completely encloses the heel MOD 500 shoe.

The entire heel area is always protected if you trip or fall. In addition, the SECOLINO® | MOD 500 shoe is robust and flexible thanks to a durable polyester fabric in the upper material.

If you want to minimize the risks and hazards mentioned in your assessment through certified quality according to EN ISO 20347 , use the SECOLINO® | MOD 500 shoe for professional use and play it safe.

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SECOLINO® is an absorption technology and removes up to 100% of moisture in the shoe. Thanks to the effective internal structure, the SECOLINO® insole remains completely dry and odor-free.